Balkan Bowling & Billiards Supplies

BBBS is specializing in the market of Bowling & Billiards since 2009. BBBS is the exclusive distributor of Brunswick Bowling, the no1 bowling company worldwide and Brunswick Billiards the market’s leader.


Our company operates in Greece, Cyprus, Israel and the Balkan Countries!



Our range of products and services are:


  • Complete Bowling equipment
  • Family center planning and design
  • Bowling spare parts and supplies
  • Bowling consumer products
  • Bowling equipment installation and technical support
  • Bowling scoring systems and electronic services
  • Billiard tables full range
  • Billiard accessories, service and support

Brunswick Bowling

For more than a century, Brunswick has been the world leader in bowling center equipment and new bowling center development. Brunswick is known throughout the world for the quality and reputation of its products and services. No other equipment manufacturer has contributed so much ingenuity to the game over so long a time. And that tradition of game-changing innovation continues to this day. Brunswick is the only full-line resource that offers a complete and comprehensive package of products and services to support your new business development project from day one, and continuing through day-to-day operations. With Brunswick, you’ll have everything you need to make your new center competitive, successful, and innovative. Brunswick offers today’s new center investors a dynamic range of opportunities to achieve their goals. No other single-source provider comes close to Brunswick’s record for supporting successful new center development projects. That’s why today over half of all new bowling centers in more than 100 countries are supported by Brunswick’s full-line of comprehensive products, services, technology, and expertise.


Balkan Bowling & Billiards Supplies


Brunswick Billiards

In 1845, John Moses Brunswick, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was steadily building a solid reputation as a builder of fine carriages. It was a good living; a solid career path for an ambitious young man in the mid-19th century.
Then, somewhat suddenly, everything changed. When Brunswick first laid eyes on a finely crafted billiard table, he knew he had found his calling.
As a gifted artisan with a passion for woodworking, the young man was captivated by the table’s intricacy, detail, fine workmanship, and beauty. He saw more than a table; he saw an opportunity to build something with unlimited potential and lasting beauty.
“If it is wood, we can build it – and we can build it better than anyone else,” Brunswick declared.
True to his word, Brunswick completed his first billiard table soon after. By 1850, Brunswick tables were becoming known around the world as masterpieces of original craftsmanship and design. Within 10 years, he had built an impeccable reputation for fine quality, playability, and beauty – and laid the foundation of what would become the largest billiard company in the world.
The Legend Lives On.
The world has changed tremendously since then, but the Brunswick commitment to exceptional quality remains. John Moses Brunswick’s creative vision continues to thrive at Brunswick Billiards in Bristol, Wisconsin, where we’ve been connecting generations through superior craftsmanship and innovation since 1845.

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